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Executive Team
JACK MONTAG 718-475-7722 President jack@aura-electric.com
HENRY KASZIRER 718-475-7750 Vice President henry@aura-electric.com
Business Office
RECEPTIONIST 718-475-7780 Receptionist reception@aura-electric.com
DEVID LESSER 718-475-7763 Bookkeeper dovid@aura-electric.com
NINA HERSHKOWITZ 718-475-7765 Accounts Payable nina@aura-electric.com
LEAH ROSENBERG 718-475-7764 Accounts Payable leah@aura-electric.com
RUTH WISKI 718-475-7769 Accounts Receivable ruth@aura-electric.com
DEBBIE BEER 718-677-8604 Accounts Receivable debbie@aura-electric.com
RICHARD HAUPTMAN 718-475-7716 Accounts Receivable richard@aura-electric.com
Commercial Sales
ISRAEL TAUB 718-475-7757 Switchgear Manager israel@aura-electric.com
STEVE GREENBAUM 718-475-7717 Switchgear Quotations steve@aura-electric.com
YOSSI YARMAK 718-475-7724 Commercial Accounts yossi@aura-electric.com
SAM KASZIRER 718-475-7708 Lighting Manager samk@aura-electric.com
JEFF KAUFMAN 718-475-7706 Lighting com/Residential jeff@aura-electric.com
MALKY ESTERZOHN 718-475-7750 Project Manager pm@aura-electric.com
PESSY BRECHER 718-475-7700 Commercial Lighting pessy@aura-electric.com
TZVI JAKUBOWICZ 718-475-7752 Commercial Lighting tzvi@aura-electric.com
TINA SAAD 718-475-7751 Lighting Administrative Assistant tina@aura-electric.com
Residential Sales
VICKI CHOAI 718-475-7707 Lighting Specifier vicki@aura-electric.com
Counter Sales
JEFFREY BRODY 718-475-7777 Counter Manager counter@aura-electric.com
MENDEL AXELROD 718-475-7779 Counter general@aura-electric.com
JOEL ENGLANDER 718-475-7778 Counter general@aura-electric.com
KEVIN DELVA 718-475-7754 Counter kevin@aura-electric.com
MOISHE WEISSFISH 718-475-7755 Shipping shipping@aura-electric.com
DAVID GERTZ 718-475-7755 Receiving receiving@aura-electric.com
Outside Sales
GARY FISTEL 917-692-3647 Salesman yossi@aura-electric.com
CHAIM APPEL 917-446-6260 Salesman chaim@aura-electric.com


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