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Today’s technological advances in energy efficient lighting can mean enormous savings in lighting and energy costs, especially in larger areas.

The options and technology are constantly changing, and it takes a knowledgeable expert to know what is best for each situation. For projects that are sensitive to environmental concerns and reducing carbon footprint, the choices are equally confusing. read more >>


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Save-A-Watt Conservation LLC.



Additionally, State and Federal governments, utility companies, and manufacturers offer an array of incentives and rebates on virtually every type of project, from installing energy-efficient lighting to upgrading equipment, whether in doing renovations or new construction. These rebates are often confusing and the eligibility criteria change frequently. At Aura Electric Supply, our Energy-Efficiency staff is thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of maximizing the various incentives that are available. They can help you identify the project that will achieve your goals, whether green for the environment, green for your bank account, or both.

What’s more, Aura Electric Supply will assist you in submitting all paperwork and forms to ensure that you obtain the rebates and incentives you deserve.
>> Click here to visit Save a Watt Energy Conservation to see how you can start saving today!

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